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We want to start seeing other people while giving something back to the users who've supported us since the start.

As someone who has already used Linked Finance, who better to help us spread the word among Irish SMEs. You already love what we do and we always love to meet new people....

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Tell Irish business owners about Linked Finance and every time they draw down a loan between now and the end of September, we'll give you €1,000. There are no limits. So, if you refer 10 new businesses to Linked Finance this Summer and they all get loans, we'll pay you €10,000.

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This is our way of saying 'thank you' to the users who've helped Linked Finance come so far since we launched in 2013.

And it makes perfect sense. You already know how Linked Finance works and you probably know lots of local business owners. Now you can tell them about us and get some red hot rewards in return.

You choose how to receive your €1,000 referral fee:

  • Pre-paid Mastercard gift cards.
  • €1,000 lodged to your Linked Finance account.

There are no limits and sending referrals our way is really simple...

Every time you meet a business owner who might be in the market for funding, tell them about Linked Finance. If they draw down a loan before the end of September, you'll get €1,000. That's it.

Untitled-1_Spread-05SPREAD THE LOVE

Tell Irish SMEs all about Linked Finance. Share your experience and advise them to check us out of they need funding. Tell them about how easy we make things. Talk about the online applications, the quick decisions and the speed of funding.

Untitled-1_Spread-05SHARE YOUR CODE

If you find a friend who is in the market for a business loan, give them your unique code and send them here to apply with Linked Finance. Tell them they'll get €250 off their fees if your code is used. This is the only way we will be able to confirm your referral.

Untitled-1_Spread-05GET YOUR REWARDS

Whenever your code is provided alongside a successful loan application, we will let you know. Then when the loan is drawn down and the contract is signed, you can have your €1,000 loaded onto a pre-paid Mastercard or into your Linked Finance account.

The Hottest Number You'll Get All Summer

In order to ensure that you receive the rewards for each businesses that you refer, it is crucial that they include your unique referral code when applying.

Each business that you refer will receive a €250 discount off their fees, so it's in their interest to include the code. They can quote the code over the phone when applying or include it as the promocode on our online application form here.

Need a code? Call us now on 01 906 0300 and we can help.



Once you've got your code, you're all set. You can get out there and start spreading the word about Linked Finance. If you've any questions or want more information , don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us in any of the following ways:

As with all promotions and offers, we've had to draw up a few rules to keep things running smoothly. The main things are that the promo is only open to existing Linked Finance users and referral rewards will only be paid for new businesses who have never used Linked Finance before. Qualifying loans must be drawn down before 30.09.2018. You can click through and read all of the terms below...